Hi Lovely friends, Welcome to my 12 week program.  I first had the idea to create this program first for close friends who were asking me what kind of training I did, what I ate and how I was able to stick to it. Growing up I was not over weight but I was chubby. I was never upset about my weight but always wondered if this was it? I had an image of what my body could and should look like but I just couldn’t figure out how to get there? I truly never wished to look like anyone else, I simply wanted to be my very best me possible.  This isn’t a fat to fit story but my journey has taken me to feeling full of energy and looking in the mirror and being so happy with what I see.

Over the years of working with so many amazing women (men too but mostly women) who were struggling with shifting excess weight, dealing with issues such as adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances and a feeling of not being themselves, I started to see that what I did for myself was also transforming my clients. I’ve always been someone who practises what I teach. I trained my clients to eat, workout, apply lifestyle principles and shift their mindset exactly how I had done myself. Everyone is slightly different and it’s important to listen to our bodies but most principles apply to everyone. Once we have a base and learn about our bodies we then have an excellent platform to start tweaking to our individual needs.

Life isn’t about being perfect and regimented. What I loved and have found is that knowing the principles to success gives you the freedom to then relax.  No longer am I fearful of relaxing a bit during the holidays or panicking over situations I’m not in control of.  I know that if a few pounds sneak on or my body shape starts to change from slacking a bit that I know exactly how to get it back quickly.  The most powerful part is that myself and true of my clients as well, we never stray for long because we simply miss how amazing healthy feels. It becomes so much more than about the way we look.

My 12 week Program will increase your energy levels, help you shift stubborn weight, have you feeling strong and increase your confidence. 

This is everything I have ever used with my clients.


Through Rosa’s extensive knowledge, I now know how to work with my body, to stay fit and most important of all I feel happy with the way I look. – Nina Wise

“I have achieved goals beyond my highest expectations. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, I had never before achieved high levels of fitness.” – Jonathon Thompson

“I have changed my eating habits and have really seen massive changes to my mood and energy levels.” – Sara Karimi

“I feel healthier, stronger and fitter but best of all I am starting to fit back into all my old clothes!” – Xanny Christophersen




Hiring a top personal trainer to give you workout programs, nutritional plans, tracking sheets and support costs thousands. With the current economic climate not everyone has the luxury of affording a top personal trainer.

I’ve been there I use to have a job with a set wage and understand what it is like trying to stretch your budget.  I want to give back and give everyone the opportunity to access the same life changing information and tools at an affordable price.

The program also includes access to my private facebook group: STRONG ACADEMY. This group gives you daily access to me. I’m in this group daily posting and answering questions. I also go LIVE at least once a week.


You will have instant access to all the information, held in a private members website with a Starter Guide To help you with those important first steps

You will have 4 months access to the membership website.  You will be able to save and print all the handouts and guidelines to keep for as long as you’d like. The automated emails you subscribe to will give you life time access to all the information including the workout videos. Simply create a folder in your email provider and save them all together for easy access.

What you will need in addition to Purchasing this program

  1. The space of a yoga mat for your workouts
  2.  Adobe Acrobat reader for pdf files
  3. At the start of week 5  you will need a resistance (weight)

A kettlebell is recommended.  No need to be intimidated.  You will be using it mostly as a dead weight (similar to a dumbell).  Kettlebells are an ideal tool to have at home as one is enough for an excellent workout and the handle makes it perfect for holding securely.

You can find kettlebells almost anywhere these days.  For questions send an email to Rosa Coelho at . A kettlebell is suggested but you can use a dumbell or even a medicine ball with a handle.  Here’s a video I created to explain what to look for when purchasing a kettlebell.  


I’m Rosa Coelho,  I’m a primal diet health coach, an expert trainer, sports massage therapist and former school teacher.

Through my training, education and experience I have taught countless clients to achieve results beyond their expectations.

My clients have ranged from ROYALTY to CELEBRITIES, STAY AT HOME MOM’S TO HIGH FLYING EXECUTIVES.  I trained people in Europe, the UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia. At the end of the day we are all people and share very similar frustrations and desires.

For more about me have a look at my blog ROCOFIT.COM I’ve been blogging since 2006


Any questions please feel free to ask. Simply message me at or on my facebook page


NOTE: I am not a vegetarian and therefor this program does not focus on vegetarian options.  This is simply what has worked for myself and countless clients.  This is not a critique of any other dietary plan. If you want to combine the training and lifestyle factors with your own dietary protocols that is also an option.

Disclaimer: Rosa Coelho nor anyone associated with the Rocofit Lifestyle Program will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere. Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise or nutrtion program.